Ready your camera, it’s Trending Taiwan!

Taiwan is an island of riches, not just in terms of its natural scenery, with its mountains, rivers and lakes, but also because of its people. Lots of fascinating stories unfold here, forming a tapestry of interactions with local culture and touching moments.

Submissions for the 4th Trending Taiwan Short Film Competition are now welcome! We invite all those with a passion for film-making, to tell their story through the lens and, whether it’s a grander or more humble aspect of local life, to frame it in a way that resonates with a global audience. Get your camera rolling and tell your quintessential Taiwan story!

A total of NT$530,000 will be given away to the winners, a mark of our recognition that Taiwan’s beauty needs to be seen.

Submission period: 2018.08.31 - 2018.10.16