Cheers became Taiwan’s first magazine offering young professionals insight into the job market、management trend、workplaces and young professionals when it was founded in October 2000. We have since helped readers navigate the challenges of globalized competition and the knowledge economy in the 21st century, given them the inside track on the latest trends while emerging as the voice of Taiwan’s white-collar workers.

Happy Workers

Cheers’ readers are generally 26-35 years old, with women slightly outnumbering men. More than 90% are white-collar workers, 70% spend vacation time traveling abroad, and more than 70% take outside courses and like to read. In other words, Cheers appeals to people in the decisive 10 years of their careers who are full of ambition, eager to learn, willing to spend and have a taste for life. Electronic media is an important medium for us. We already have 370,000 Facebook fans, making it the biggest virtual office in Taiwan.

Our insistence on quality has earned Cheers several awards over the years, including Golden Tripod Awards for Publications, a Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland New Reporting Award, and Society of Publishers in Asia Awards for Excellence.


Enjoying Work and Life

Unlike other magazines, Cheers does not cover “business” or the activities of big conglomerates and CEOs. Instead, we write about work and life, telling the stories of people who bring energy and creativity to their jobs and the many ways in which they are redefining “success.” Through the magazine’s special mix of features on work, management, professionalism, vision and lifestyles, our ultimate goal is to help everybody enjoy their work and their lives in these uncertain times.

A Leading Influence in the New Age

Many of Cheers’ groundbreaking features highlight our commitment to the competitiveness of young Taiwanese. Our unprecedented “World Workers” series opened new horizons by covering the changes in work and the values attached to it in Paris, New York, Tokyo and other parts of the world. We have also presented new concepts to help young professionals cope with the perils of the knowledge economy and chronicled the generational change being seen in Taiwan’s workplaces.

Bringing Talent and Companies Together

Another of the magazine’s roles over the years has been to bring talent and companies together. As part of its annual “Happy Worker Awards,” for example, Cheers honors a “Best Employer” to encourage companies to provide ideal work environments. Since 2010, we have held an “Asia Talent and Innovation Forum” that offers a platform for dialogue between the corporate world and young professionals and addresses the challenges of globalization from a uniquely international perspective. In 2012, as the plight of Taiwan’s overworked salaried class grabbed the spotlight, Cheers organized “No Overtime Parties” on Wednesdays to get employers and employees to ponder the value of “work” and “life” and develop healthy work environments that bring out the best in people.

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